An exceptional book FOR MUMS, written by 1200 MUMS!

This book is a unique compendium of knowledge, written by experts who are also mothers. We are a group of doctors, midwives, lactation consultants, psychologists, pharmacists, dieticians, educators, physiotherapists and others and we have shared our specialist, and practical knowledge in this book.
It’s the only handbook you’ll find, which shows you different approaches to parenthood and doesn’t insist on one “right way”.

What’s inside?

  • 228 key pregnancy-related topics in one place!
  • Practical advice and answers to questions that puzzle parents.
  • Up-to-date scientific information, presented in a clear and accessible way.
  • Controversial topics and a debate with traditional approaches to parenting.
  • The needs of the child, the mother and the rest of the family are treated equally.

After reading this book, you’ll feel calmer and ready for your new role!

Fantastic feedback from our readers!

“Tons of information presented in a brilliant, clear way. Thanks to this book I went through my pregnancy with a sense of lightness and much more awareness.” Julia

“I couldn’t put this book down! It has answers to practically every question that new parents have. That’s what I was looking for!” Marzena


Motherhood is easier with the Mums to Mums series!