Mums to Mums
vol. I – pregnancy
preparing for a revolution in your life


1. “I’ve got good news!” When to announce your pregnancy?
2. Classic or modern? Choosing a name can be tricky.

Health and development

3. I’m growing and growing! The main stages of your baby’s development during pregnancy.
4. Playing with the little one in my belly – supporting your growing baby.
5. Hello, it’s Mum! How to build a relationship with your baby during pregnancy?
6. Stress and its effects on your pregnancy and your baby.
7. Cancer prevention during pregnancy – how to reduce the risk of cancer for your child?.
8. Preterm babies – happiness that comes early.
Š ◆ My story Š Susanna.

Baby essentials

9. The nesting instinct – fact or excuse?
10. An oasis of peace and development. Arranging your baby’s room.
11. Making your home safe for your baby.
12. Baby essentials – do we have it easier than our mums?
13. Baby essentials – putting it all together sensibly.
14. Baby essentials – clothes.
15. Baby essentials – cosmetics. The basics of baby care.
16. Baby essentials – vegan cosmetics.
17. Baby essentials – first aid kid.
18. Baby essentials – equipment. Things you didn’t even know existed!.
19. Baby essentials – prams. Your child’s first 4 wheels.
20. Baby essentials – the car seat.
21. Reusable nappies. Back to the past or a modern solution?
22. Help! Twins!
Š ◆ My story Š Annette.


A healthy and well-cared future mum

23. Under good care – how do I choose the right doctor to lead me through pregnancy?
24. Caution advised! What medical test should you avoid in pregnancy?
25. Nausea, drowsiness and hypersensitivity to smells… How to deal with pregnancy ailments?
26. Don’t ignore them! Things you should be concerned about during pregnancy.
27. Sugar and spice… A few words about gestational diabetes.
28. A pregnant woman walks into a pharmacy… Basic principles of medicine use during pregnancy.
29. You mean folic acid isn’t enough?! What supplements to take in pregnancy.
30. Pregnancy is not like illness? Lifestyle choices during pregnancy.
31. Nourishing both of you, without eating for two. A healthy diet during pregnancy.
32. Pregnancy diet for vegetarians and vegans.
33. Munching cucumber with chocolate. The science behind pregnancy cravings.
34. How much coffee can a mum-to-be drink? Stimulants during pregnancy.
35. Staying active – physical exercise and movement during pregnancy.
36. Pregnant yoga – exercise for health!
37. 50 shades… of a future mother – sex during pregnancy.
38. A pampered mum-to-be. What cosmetic treatments can you have during pregnancy?
39. Read the label! What kind of cosmetics can you use during pregnancy?
40. Pregnancy cosmetics for vegans and vegetarians.
41. It’s not always rosy… Getting through a difficult pregnancy.
Š ◆ My story Š Martina.

Emotions and the mental health of the future mum

42. Give me some space! Hormones and their effect on a pregnant woman’s emotions.
43. It’s not just physical –taking care of your mental health during pregnancy.
44. Meditation and the well-being of the future mother.
Š ◆ My story Š Caroline.
45. Lions and tigers and bears, oh my! The fear of giving birth and other pregnancy worries.

What else should you know?

46. Shopping with your bump… and not necessarily replacing your entire wardrobe.
47. Mum’s essentials – must-haves in the home medicine cabinet.
48. There are two of you now. Staying safe during pregnancy.
49. On the plane with a baby bump?! Travel during pregnancy.
50. The baby shower – your child’s first party.
51. Crazy for animals. Preparing pets for a baby’s appearance.


52. Attitude matters – preparing mentally for childbirth.
53. Yes, yes, you can (and should) prepare your body for delivery!
54. Natural childbirth, caesarean section, vbac – different forms of childbirth.
55. Back to school – choosing an antenatal class.
56. Choosing where to give birth.
57. Preparing for childbirth at home.
Š ◆ My story Š Agatha.
58. Who to give birth with? A companion in the delivery room.
Š ◆ My story Š Daria.
59. Occupation: Midwife.
60. Occupation: Doula.
61. Birth plan – oxymoron or useful practice?
62. Pack up! What to take to the birth?
63. Is this it? How you know when the birth has begun?
Š ◆ My story Š Olga.
64. Ouch! Methods for relieving labour pain.
65. Cord blood – what we know to date.
66. The kid scored! About the Apgar score.
67. Kangaroo care – wonderfully close to baby, straight after birth.
68. Breastfeeding – preparation during pregnancy.


69. The postpartum period – an important time after the birth. The physiological aspect.
70. The postpartum period – an important time after the birth. The psychological aspect.


71. Organisational tips & tricks to make starting motherhood easier.
72. 20 things to do while you’re pregnant.
Š My story Š Magdalene.


73. Losing your baby – the medical side.
74. Losing your baby – the psychological impact.
Š ◆ My story Š Monica.
Š ◆ My story Š Eve.

Us Mums, we are strong!
It’s (almost) over.
What’s next?
The Authors of the book “Mums to Mums”.

Mums to Mums
vol. II – motherhood
how to succeed in the most important role of your life?


And so it begins…

1. The 4th trimester. Difficult beginnings of life outside the womb.
2. Smooth as a baby’s bottom? Not always. Cradle cap, baby acne and other infantile phenomena.
3. Visiting a new family member.
4. What a newborn knows.


5. How to read your baby’s growth charts.
6. Additional visits to the doctor to consider.
7. Childhood cancers – what you should know and when to react.
8. Choosing the right paediatrician for you.
9. A lollipop for health?! Children and dietary supplements.
10. Better safe than sorry. How to build a child’s immunity.
11. It’s flu season! How to cope with coughs and colds.
12. Are you sure the doctor’s needed? The most common ailments in small children.
13. Read before use. Giving medicine to children.
14. Nappy rash – how to prevent it.
15. Infant colic – how to survive it.
16. What’s biting your baby? All about teething.
17. Pacifier – to give or not to give? That is the question.
18. In hospital with a baby – survival guide.
19. 5 reasons to get rid of cleaning products.
Š ◆ My story Š Lilly.

Care & Nursing of the child

20. Splash! Bathing your baby, step by step.
21. Read the label! Cosmetics for children.
22. Read the label! Vegan cosmetics for children.
23. Natural baby care – the alternative to harsh chemicals.
24. The power of milk! The amazing properties of a mother’s milk.
25. The miraculous power of touch – Shantala massage.
26. What do you mean, your baby doesn’t wear nappies? About EC.
27. No more nappies! The moment we’ve been waiting for.
28. Sweet dreams baby. The neuroscience of sleep.
29. Sleeping through the night – every parent’s dream.
30. We’ll need a bigger bed! Sleeping with children.
31. Cot death – how to reduce the risk of this tragedy.
32. Caring for your baby – a physiotherapist’s perspective.
33. Swaddling – when nothing else helps.
34. Wearing your baby – the advantages of a sling.
35. The power of a sling. How not to go crazy in the world of baby wraps.
36. Happy feet! Choosing your child’s first shoes.
37. Choosing the second car seat – why your infant should continue facing backwards.
38. Better fastened than sorry! Rules for safe driving.
39. Just a moment of inattention… Basic principles to keep your baby safe.
40. Learn it by heart! First aid for babies and little children.

Your child’s nutrition

41. Breastfeeding. What’s in store for you on the milky way?
Š ◆ My story Š Mary.

42. The double milk round. Breastfeeding twins.
43. Supplementing breast milk – when is it advisable?
Š ◆ My story Š Dagmara.

44. Human Milk Bank.
45. Weaning – how to gently end the journey on the milky way.
46. Formula milk – how to choose the right ones.
47. Baby wants to try! How and when to start solids.
48. No meat for my little one. Babies on a veggie diet.
49. BLW – a recipe for a dirty kitchen and a happy child.
50. The stages of children’s nutrition.
51. Milk – how much, what kind, and when to give it to the child.
52. Food allergies and elimination diets. When are they necessary?
53. Picky eaters – infants who don’t want to eat.
54. Overweight and obesity in children. Causes and prevention.
55. There’s sugar in this, too?! The traps in children’s food.

Child development

56. Introduction to the main stages of child development (0-3 years).
57. Development leaps – periods of intense progress… and whining.
58. Early childhood disorders.
59. Infants and mental health.
60. When a baby touches its private parts… The sexuality of the small child.
61. Worth knowing: an overstimulated baby.
62. Worth knowing: sensory integration.
63. Baby sign language. How to communicate with your baby.
64. “Say ma-ma.” Your infant’s speech development.
65. Screen kids – the negative impact of technology on child development.

Raising your child – a psychological perspective

66. Creating a dignified environment.
67. How to build a wonderful relationship with your child.
68. Hug me Mum, hug me Dad! The importance of physical contact for a child’s development.
69. Stay close to me. Exploring the concept of attachment parenting.
70. “Let her cry”?! The negative consequences of leaving a baby to cry.
71. Exceptionally needy – HNBs.
Š ◆ My story Š Elizabeth.
72. Attachment styles – a healthy relationship between mother and child.
73. Going to the bathroom without a child in tow – separation anxiety.
74. “I like mum best…” Why does a child sometimes prefer one parent?.
75. Self-esteem & self-confidence – different things.
76. “Me do it!” How to support your child’s autonomy.
77. Are you sure you want a ‘good’ child? The consequences of reward and punishment.
78. Nonviolent Communication (NVC) – the path to a healthy relationship with your child… and the rest of the world.
79. Positive discipline – raising a child with love and mutual respect.
80. Do you get along with your little one? Communication with an infant aged 0-3.
81. Stress detective – the Self-Reg approach.
82. “Mum, he pushed me!” What a child’s aggressive behaviour really means.
83. A rebel, but not by choice. The mythical “terrible twos”.
84. The toddler as a social being. An infant’s relationship with other people.
85. “Mum, don’t yell at me!” The destructive influence of parental anger and aggression.
86. “Da-ad, but mum said…” The thing about common rules.
87. Do as I say, not as I do! How children learn from their parents.
88. Boy or girl? The significance of gender in upbringing.

Games and toys that support healthy development

89. “Mum, Dad – play with me!” The importance of play for the child’s development.
90. Will my baby swallow it? Choosing toys which are safe.
91. Black and white. Contrasting colours that support development.
92. Using all your senses – sensory games.
93. Get moving! The importance of activity for a child’s development.
94. Splish, splash! Taking your baby to the pool.
95. Jazz, rock or classical? The influence of music on a child’s development.
96. “Sing to me, Dad! Sing to me, Mum!” Why sing to the children.
97. Read to me, Mum, read to me, Dad! Why it’s important to read to children.
98. The cat sat on the mat. When to start teaching your child to read.
99. When and how to teach a child a foreign language.
100. “Help me do it myself.” An introduction to the Montessori method.
101. Games and toys in the spirit of Montessori – how are they different?


By means of introduction

102. The influence of pregnancy and childbirth on a woman’s emotions.
103. 10 priceless pieces of advice for a young mother.
Š ◆ My story Š Margaret.

A healthy, well cared Mum

104. No excuses, get yourself checked! The important tests – and the importance of tests – for women.
105. Not just a post-pregnancy belly. Diastasis recti – a little known but common impairment.
106. Your female power centre – the pelvic floor muscles.
107. Can I eat this? The science behind the lactation diet.
108. The lactation diet for vegans and vegetarians.
109. Coffee? Yes please! Smoking – no way! About coffee and other stimulants during lactation.
110. Do I still have to take folic acid? The supplements a breastfeeding woman should take.
111. When you get ill – medical treatment when breastfeeding.
112. A healthy mind in a healthy body! Returning to physical activity after birth.
113. Sex after birth.
114. Mum, take care of your spine! A physiotherapist’s take on how to carry and lift your baby.
115. Read the labels! Cosmetics when breastfeeding.
116. Cosmetics for vegans and vegetarians.
117. Natural care for women – what to use instead of cosmetics?
118. A beautiful mum – what beauty treatments can you get when breastfeeding?

Psychology and relationships

119. (no) Love at first sight. Why you don’t always fall in love with your child straight away?
120. Baby blues and postpartum depression – it can happen to anyone.
121. Daddy’s feeling low. About paternal depression.
Š ◆ My story Š Sylvia.
122. I can’t stop worrying… How to deal with fears for your child.
123. Those were beautiful days… The changing dynamic of the relationship with your partner.
124. Support and rejection. How relationships change after the birth of a child.
125. Woman to woman. Relationships between mums.
126. An independent single mum. Raising a child on your own.
127. My child only has a mother… How do I manage as a single mum?
128. I want to scream and shout! How to survive difficult moments in motherhood.
Š ◆ My story Š Annette.
129. Loneliness – a motherhood taboo.
130. Maternal burnout – when a mother has had enough.
131. Ideal parents – do they really exist?
132. I feel guilty… Why do parents torture themselves?
133. ‘Don’t do this, don’t do that.’ Controlling the need for control.
134. Parental coaching – seeking support with raising children.
Š ◆ My story Š Pamela.

Mummy’s going back to work

135. Stay home with your baby or go back to work? The dilemma of a working mum.
136. Some ‘me’ time. The importance of doing your own thing.
137. Mum is looking for a job! How to find yourself in the modern labour market.
138. I don’t want to go back to my job. What alternatives do I have?
139. How you can prepare yourself, your child and your family for your return to work.
140. The little one under (new) supervision. Grandma, nanny or nursery?
141. Mary Poppins or Mrs Doubtfire? How to choose a good nanny.
142. Nice nannies aren’t everything. What to look for in a nursery or kindergarten?
143. Home schooling as an alternative educational pathway.
Š ◆ My story Š Agnes.

What else should I know?

144. Mum in town – how to survive the urban jungle with a child.
145. Child-friendly culture – events for parents with young children.
146. “I breastfeed wherever I want.” Breastfeeding in public.
147. Long and short family trips.
148. Travelling with a child – you can do it… If you plan ahead!
149. Eco-mum, eco-dad, eco-me.


150. Mum and Dad as equally committed parents.
151. Dad on parental leave – what to say to the boss.
Š ◆ My story Š John.


152. “So when will you have another baby?” Let’s address this difficult question.
153. Mum, Dad – I (don’t) want a little brother! How to prepare your child for the arrival of siblings?
154. Like cats and dogs, or little birds in their nests? Helping siblings build positive relationships.

Us mums are strong!
It is (almost) over.
What’s next?
The Authors of the book “Mums to Mums”.